LiftEd v3.8.1 Minor Behavior Tracking Fixes
released on November 21, 2022 at 6:53 am EST
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved: Selecting "Save & End Observation" didn't work every time.
  • Resolved: Previous notes entered while tracking a "Duration" behavior are not cleared for new observation
Known Issues (We are currently working on)
These are top priority bugs reported by LiftEd users that our engineering team is working on and can be expected for released in LiftEd during the week of Nov 21st.
  • Activity targets reverting back to "Not Introduced" phase even after the phase has been changed to "Teaching", "Mastered" or another phase.
  • Future
    (Not yet being taught)
    targets displaying in activity tracking sessions. Users need to only see only current targets being taught
  • IEP Goal Subject not displaying on the IEP goal in student profile
Top Priority Feature Requests & Enhancements
These are top priority requests reported by LiftEd users that our engineering team is working on next:
  • Graphing enhancements
  • Tracking session summaries with target level data, prompts used, etc
  • Creating new tracking sessions 10x faster
  • Assigning activities and behaviors to students 10x faster
  • Behavior progress / graph report PDF export
  • Improved prompt level tracking
  • Seeing behavior observation summaries for each behavior from student profile
  • Improved mastery workflow
...and more!
We want to hear from you!
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